Hemorrhaging Students Under Past Administration (Updated)


Please note this article was focused on the previous administration. We are very encouraged that under the new interim head-of-school, Dr. Birtwell, we will see this trend reverse. We warmly welcome her engagement. As a group, we remain focused on our mission and look forward to partnering with Dr. Birtwell in our efforts to restore and renew a great learning institution.



Using publicly available data kept by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and dating back to 2005, Sewickley Academy’s enrollment has suffered a consistent downward trend. In fact, enrollment has plummeted nearly 27% over the past 15 years; as a reference point, the current Head of School joined the Academy in 2002. This data is, of course, concerning, and – when put in context against other private schools in the Pittsburgh area – shows that the issue is especially acute at Sewickley Academy.